Pools, Patios, & Sidewalk Flooring

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Flexi-Top Surface Coatings is a flexible, elastomeric bridging material for cracks, a resinous membrane for coating outside concrete. Flexi-Top represents one of the best options for around pools, porches, driveways, and patios. 

Flexi-Top Surface Coatings can be applied to resurface/overlay existing concrete that is stained, fractured, broken, and chipped, giving it a brand new, beautiful look without the expensive and messy toss and replace. Flexi-Top Coatings can go above well prepared and handled cracks in concrete. 

Due to its malleability, Flexi-Top Coatings is assured not to crack back into the coating. Flexi-Top can change your existing concrete to appear granite-like, terrazzo, stone, tile, brick, etc. all while encasing that worn, stained, broken, concrete. Most installations can be performed in a couple of days.