Garage Screens

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More with a Garage Screen

Does your outdoor living space suffer from too many bugs and pests? Is the sun so bright that you can’t relax? Looking to enjoy your outdoor area even in the colder months?
If this sounds like you, the Garage Enhancement company has custom made, remote control garage screens to fit your exact needs and improve your space year round.
The Garage Enhancement Company’s motorized screens are equipped to ward off pests while providing protection from the sun.
Ideal for residential and commercial applications, our garage screens are perfect for turning garages, porches, patios, and gazebos into pest free retreats with the push of a button.
 Garage Storage Solutions
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Retractable Garage Screens

Our automatic designs use an ultra-quiet motor that operates the screen quickly, and is controlled by a handy remote control. It’s like any common garage door opener, only quieter and faster. Our weather resistant design is tough enough to last in any setting and is available in a variety of mesh materials and clear vinyl. Made in the USA with pride, our garage screens will serve you for years to come.
Redeem your outdoor living space from pests and harmful rays: request your free estimate now.